Art is everywhere at the University of Antwerp. On the walls, in the hallways, on the ceiling and concealed amongst the greenery. The Art on Campus Committee has maintained an active art policy since the 1970s and thanks to its cooperation with the Antwerp city guides, everyone can enjoy these works of art during a fascinating tour of our campuses.

The University of Antwerp's art collection numbers around 1,100 contemporary paintings, objects, sculptures and more. You can admire works by Jan Fabre, Pierre Alechinsky, Fred Bervoets, Sam Dillemans, Vic Gentils and many other artists on our campuses.
In this way, we wish to bring art closer to our teaching staff, students and visitors.

Guided tours

Practical information:

  • Where can you take a tour?
    Campus Drie Eiken, Campus Middelheim and the Stadscampus
  • Timing
    Each guided tour takes about two hours, but they can also be adapted according to the group's wishes.
  • Guided tour
    The guides from Toerisme Antwerpen will illuminate the (art) historical backgrounds behind the buildings and a selection of works on these campuses.
  • Price
    A guided tour costs € 75 (max. 20 participants) + €5 administration fee