By bicycle

In and around the city

For short trips in and around the city, a rental bike is ideal. Apart from the Velo city bikes, there are several other bike rental options.

To the city

You can take numerous cycle routes to Antwerp. Use the Smart Ways to Antwerp route planner to find the fastest and safest routes.

Do you need to cross the Scheldt? Check the availability of the bike lifts and escalators of the tunnels, or take Antwerp’s ferry service with your bike.

Cycling between campuses

  • Stadscampus - Campus Middelheim: 20 min. 
  • Stadscampus - Campus Groenenborger: 25 min. 
  • Stadscampus - Campus Drie Eiken: 30 min. 
  • Campus Middelheim - Campus Groenenborger: 4 min.
  • Campus Middelheim - Campus Drie Eiken: 10 min. 
  • Campus Groenenborger - Campus Drie Eiken: 8 min.

By bus, tram or metro

Antwerp has an extensive bus and tram network. Plan your route using the De Lijn timetables.

Traveling between campuses

  • Campus Middelheim - Campus Groenenborger: around 7 min. on foot
  • Campus Middelheim - Campus Drie Eiken: around 35 min.
  • Campus Groenenborger - Campus Drie Eiken: around 45 min.
  • Stadscampus - Campus Middelheim: around 45 min.
  • Stadscampus - Campus Groenenborger: around 55 min.
  • Stadscampus - Campus Drie Eiken: around 60 min.

By train

It's easy to reach Antwerp by train. Plan your trip with the Belgian train route planner.

Traveling to Antwerp

Many cities in Flanders have multiple connections per hour to Antwerp:

  • Mechelen: around 20 min.
  • Sint-Niklaas: around 25 min.
  • Herentals: around 30 min.
  • Brussel: around 40 min.
  • Gent: around 60 min.

Traveling from station to campus

  • Antwerpen-Centraal
    • to Stadscampus: around 15 min. on foot or 5 min. by bike
  • Antwerpen-Zuid
    • to Campus Drie Eiken: around 20 min. by bike or 25 min. by bus
  • Mortsel-Oude-God
      • to Campus Drie Eiken: around 15 min. by bike or 30 min. by bus
      • to Campus Groenenborger: around 12 min. by bike or 40 min. by bus
      • to Campus Middelheim: around 13 min. by bike or 30 min. by bus
    • Antwerpen-Berchem
      • to Campus Drie Eiken: around 20 min. by bike or 40 min. by bus
      • to Campus Groenenborger: around 12 min. by bike or 18 min. by bus
      • to Campus Middelheim: around 9 min. by bike or 13 min. by bus

    By car

    Traveling by car to Antwerp?

    • The Antwerp city centre and part of Linkeroever (Antwerp’s left bank) are a low-emission zone: highly polluting vehicles are not allowed into the city. 
    • There are P+R zones where you can park for free on various main roads into Antwerp. They are ideal places to switch to a bus or tram a few kilometres from the campus, or you can take your bike with you.
    • Keep in mind that the zone around the Stadscampus is a residential area with a speed limit of 20 km/h. Pedestrians freely make use of the entire road.
    • Take possible road works and events into account.


    Campus Drie Eiken en Campus Groenenborger have free university parking spots.

    Near Stadscampus, you can make use of several paid public parking options:

    There are paid on-street parking spots near Campus Middelheim. You’ll need to display a blue parking disc if you park on Floraliënlaan.