Medicine and Health Sciences

Student associations

Student associations

Studying at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is a lot of hard work but it can also be a lot of fun.


A skiing holiday with your classmates? A charity event for Medics Without Vacation? A party at the faculty bar De Spoed? Find out what the medical student associations have to offer:

Or are you keen to throw yourself into the debate in the Educational Commission? Then look no further than SOGA, a group of student volunteers committed to ensuring that education in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is never less than world-class.

Rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy

Future physiotherapists are free to join student club KINESIA (in Dutch), known for its sports activities, 'cantus' events, skiing holidays, parties, surfing holidays et cetera.

University of Antwerp in general

The Student Council (webpages in Dutch) represents all students at the University of Antwerp and defends their interests. Among other things, the Council takes care of the organisation of student elections and of student representations in the university's bodies.

Do take a look at the overview of all student assocations at the University of Antwerp, including student associations with a regional, political, international or other orientation.