Medicine and Health Sciences

GP network

The Centre for Family Medicine is part of ELIZA, the Department of Primary and Interdisciplinary Care in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


The main purpose of the Centre for Family Medicine is to offer education in primary health care, both as part of the basic training programme for physicians and as part of the programme for family medicine (also known as general practice), in keeping with the University of Antwerp's vision of education. The centre conducts research into primary healthcare, which provides a base for and guarantees the programmes' academic nature.

Moreover, the centre wishes to position itself as a society-oriented knowledge organisation which focuses on social needs and primary healthcare.

The centre's stakeholders are primarily students of medicine and family medicine at the University of Antwerp. The centre also plays an important role for GPs in the network of traineeship supervisors, GPs in the network of researchers, Province of Antwerp GPs, and all other professions and organisations that operate in primary health care.