Applied Engineering

Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Engineering

As a result of globalisation the Faculty of Applied Engineering has a strong international dimension and organises student-centered, activating, interprofessional and internationally oriented education. The Faculty has an ambitious policy plan for the internationalisation of the education, including a concrete vision, objectives and activities.Every year several of our students go abroad to study and/or do a traineeship in partner universities and companies in Europe and overseas. At the same time, we welcome international students from all over the world as degree, exchange or visiting research students.

  • You are a degree student if you enrol in a full-time programme in order to obtain a degree certificate.
  • You are an exchange student if you temporarily enrol in a programme in order to obtain credits which are transferred to your studies at your home university or if you do an Erasmus placement.
  • You are a visiting research student when you are a PhD researcher (or Master or Bachelor student) at your home institution and you want to conduct research in the framework of your programme at UAntwerp through a temporary stay, not under the umbrella of an Erasmus placement, but covered by another traineeship agreement.

The Faculty also offers internationally oriented Blended Intensive Programmes. They are a key pull factor for international students. Finally, our social activities and a very accessible international office, easy contact with staff and professors will make you feel at home right from the start. 

Enjoy your stay!

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