Applied Engineering


Research within our faculty

Research within the Faculty of Applied Engineering focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration, sustainability and technological innovation. The links between the university and the workfield, industry in the broad sense, are essential in this respect.

The faculty is currently counting:

The link between the faculty and the industry is not new: laboratories on an industrial scale, lecturers with industry experience, company visits, traineeships and theses in the industry are traditionally a regular part of the training of industrial engineers.

This application orientation is highly appreciated by the industry: companies need engineers with a solution-oriented attitude, who have been able to acquire both theoretical and practical competencies during their training.

The link with industry is also a clear added value for research. On the one hand, the industrial link takes research away from the sterile research laboratory character and the results are tested from the outset against hard industrial criteria (robustness, safety, controllability, scalability, economic feasibility, etc.).

For the Faculty of Applied Engineering, research and development means the interweaving of education, research and industry, thus forming a true innovation policy. Based on this vision, the research groups shape the research within the faculty. Although each research group has its origin in one of the study programmes (civil engineering, electronics ICT, electromechanics, (bio)chemistry), each of them looks explicitly beyond the boundaries of the discipline, research group, faculty and university.