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Want to keep track of your fellow-alumni, and their professional career paths? Here's how!  

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Want to keep track of your fellow alumni's professional and academic achievements? Get career insights that can help you achieve your goals? Then make sure to follow the Faculty's blog and read their stories and testimonials. Besides that, our researchers and professors use this platform as well to share their critical insights and unsalted opinions on current events and trending topics.


"I eat fries for dinner now, so I'm officially a local"


"Once you come to Antwerp, you will never want to leave"

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The faculty is very active on social media. On a daily basis, you'll find stories and updates about the university, our students and of course our alumni. Follow us on LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitter and even on Tiktok!


an international student from India


an international student from Turkey

Magazine Universiteit Antwerpen

Every three months, as alumnus or alumna, you receive a copy of the Magazine Universiteit Antwerpen in your mailbox. This magazine is filled with articles about our scientific research and education stories of fellow-graduates, etc. It gives a complete overview of the daily operations of your alma mater.