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Non degree programme: Marquette University

This three-week study abroad program began in 1992 and continues to promote cross-cultural understanding of business concepts through coursework, corporate visits and excursions. The success of the program is largely due to the strong relationship developed between Marquette and the University of Antwerp. 

The partnership enables program participants to learn about the European economy and business environment from faculty at the University of Antwerp. Students study a variety of subjects, including business, economic, social and cultural ramifications of the European Economic and Monetary Union. Topics have included the economic outlook in Europe, cross-cultural management, sales management in Europe and internationalization strategies.

The visit of the European Commission and the European Parliament in Brussels is one of the recurring visits for the students of Marquette University.

27th Annual Summer Course European Business Strategy (Antwerp, May 21- June 9, 2018)

Non degree programme: James Madison University

The students study principles of business in a European context while living in one of Europe’s most historical and progressive cities. As part of their program of study, they take trips to several major European cities in and outside Belgium and they visit businesses, governmental institutions and various cultural sites.

The visit of the European Commission and the European Parliament in Brussels is one of the recurring field trips.

Non degree programme: Rhodes College

International Business Cases, Business in the EU & Religion in the Low Countries.

International Business Cases which combines case studies and business site visits with focus on industries where Belgium and France have historical advantages and expertise, for example, diamonds, printing, weaving, transportation and champagne, chocolate and beer. Study of international business in Belgium and France. Many of the sites they visit are not only important to business and politics in the European Union but are also related to the religious history of the area.

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