Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

Study programme counselling

The higher education system offers students the chance to put together their own programmes and set a study rhythm that suits them.
To make sure students know about the options available and the various rules that apply, each faculty has a study programme counsellor.
This counsellor can provide information and advice to students as they enrol, during their studies and upon graduation.
You can contact the study programme counsellor with questions about the following subjects:
When you enrol at the university
  • Requesting exemptions
  • Information about the admission requirements for the faculty's various Bachelor and Master programmes
  • Enrolling with limited study credits
During your studies
  • Putting together a programme which differs from the 'standard' programme, e.g. when combining work and studies
  • Study progress control measures and study credits
  • Dealing with enrolment requirements, combining courses from different various years
  • Bachelor and Master programme combinations
  • Switching to another programme in the same faculty
When you graduate
  • The transition from Bachelor to Master
  • The transition from Master to PhD or your first job