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The Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is the highest decision-making body in the faculty. It determines the faculty's policy on education, research and services according to the policy lines set out by the university and the legal norms.


The Faculty Board consists of 29 members and includes the Dean, the Vice-Dean, the chairs of the Educational Commissions and the chairs and vice-chairs of the Departmental Boards. In addition, all levels of staff (Tenured Academic Personnel, Assistant and Non-Statutory Academic Personnel, Administrative and Technical Personnel) and students are also represented on the Faculty Board. The Dean chairs the Faculty Board.


The Faculty Board is responsible for all faculty matters which have not been assigned to another body within the faculty, and its most important competences relate to organisational, financial and HR matters.
In this way, the Faculty Board sets out its priorities for education, research and services. It also makes decisions about the use of the personnel and operational budgets and how these resources should be distributed throughout the faculty. It seconds faculty representatives to the university's central bodies, sets up partnerships with other faculties and institutions, and establishes the academic calendar. It puts together selection committees for the appointment of academic personnel and makes recommendations about promotions. The Faculty Board also has an advisory function in educational matters, such as training programmes and new courses.
All of the Board's competences are described in the rules and regulations related to the faculty's organisational structure.


On average, the Faculty Board meets once a month or whenever five or more members request a meeting.


Kim Toté, PhD
Faculty Director
Campus Drie Eiken, Building S
Office 130
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk
Tel. +32 3 265 2003