Institute of Development Policy

Global justice lecture series


Coloniality, (de)colonization and every day’s racial injustice | 29 February | 14.00h - 16.00h

Jerry Luther King Afriyie is the co-founder of Nederland Wordt Beter. Jerry has been actively involved for almost twenty years in de-colonial and anti-racist campaigns in The Netherlands, with particular emphasis on de-constructing the origin and implications of 'Zwarte Piet'. Jerry will be sharing his experience and insight in order to provide intellectual tools to be deployed during the lecture (and in the following seminar) for individual and collective self-reflection on current forms of coloniality that still surround us, from our university to the city where we live. 

Climate (in)justice | 14 March | 14.00h - 16.00h

Alba Kapoor is the Head of Policy at the Runnymede Trust, the UK's leading race equality think tank, managing the policy function for the organisation. She delivers large scale pieces of policy research and works to set out Runnymede’s anti-racist agenda. As part of this role, she led the English civil society submission to the United Nations' Committee on the Elimination on Racial Discrimination. 

Intersectional (in)justice | 28 March | 14.00h - 16.00h

Jana Nakal is a PhD student at Ljubljana University and member of the Secretariat of the World March of Women. She  a feminist urban planner and researcher. She has published in several Lebanese and regional newspapers and magazines on urban and feminist issues. Her research focuses on housing, public spaces, heritage and culture from an intersectional feminist perspective. She is specifically interested in the concepts of gender and space, and the spatial rights of disenfranchised communities, and organizes trainings on intersectional feminism, agroecology and ecofeminism. Jana is also on the editorial board of Watch, FIAN’s journal, and Public Works Magazine.

Decolonial feminist horizons beyond modern development | 22 April | 17.00h - 19.00h

Dr. Rosalba Icaza Garza is a professor at ISS (The Hague), and her research and teaching lie at the intersection of global politics, feminisms and decoloniality. The field of global politics analyzes interactions between power and knowledge under conditions of globalization. The field of feminisms investigates the gendered inequalities in such interactions. Feminisms in plural indicates Prof. Icaza Garza’s long-term interest in the plurality of approaches reflecting and acting upon gendered inequalities across the Global North/South divide.

Decolonial feminist horizons beyond modern development

Can we respond to the possibility of an ethical life that is not structurally implicated with the suffering and the consumption of the life of earth and others? This session aims to rehearse collective answers to this question. In so doing, it will address contemporary calls for decolonization and identify some of its implications for thinking about what modern development is. The notions of coloniality of development and coloniality of gender are introduced to encourage participants to question the knowledge framework that has kept silent and invisible a plurality of ways of naming and sensing the world we inhabit.

Location: Room C.204, UAntwerpen, Prinsstraat 13, Antwerpen.

Technology and the (re)production of (in)justice | 16 May | 14.00h - 16.00h

Itxaso Domínguez de Olazábal is Policy Advisor at EDRi - European Digital Rights. Her professional journey includes positions at the European Parliament and the European Delegation to Egypt. Beyond these, she has garnered insights from the realm of public affairs, public policy and grassroots organising in Spain, providing her with a comprehensive perspective on advocacy work. In addition to her advocacy endeavours, Itxaso is also a researcher, collaborating with think tanks and engaging with academia, and teaches critical International Relations at Sciences Po Paris and Universidad Carlos 3 de Madrid.