The University of Antwerp is committed to information security and integrity when dealing with personal data. 

Staff, students and third parties must be able to rely on a high-performance and secure ICT environment. The intellectual property of the university, staff and partners has to be protected against loss and unauthorised use as well.

At UAntwerp, information such as student and staff data, personal data of research participants and research data is handled with care. Reliable ICT applications play a crucial and important role in this.

Information-secure future

The University of Antwerp has several initiatives that form the basis of an adequate information security policy. This naturally starts with systems that are built upon principles such as layered security, privacy as design and resilience. The university is actively raising awareness among staff and students, and strives to work together towards an information-secure future. This awareness campaign is better known as the ICT Safety Collective. After all, information security is a task in which everyone of us plays a part. We also continue to optimise our technical and organisational measures to facilitate the secure processing of information.

This page, together with the privacy statement, cookie policy and terms of use, form the framework of UAntwerp's information security policy.

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