On every campus, you'll find computers with an internet connection which are freely available for students to use.

Some computers are located in quiet places, like in the library. Others are grouped together in study areas or computer rooms, so that you can easily collaborate with fellow students. In more and more places across our campuses, you also have access to the university network and the internet via a wireless connection.

Download Microsoft Office for free

As a University of Antwerp student, you can install Microsoft Office 365 for free. Other, more specialised software that you need for your studies is also offered free of charge by the university.

Already have a student account? Check out the software section under 'ICT' in the student portal. The university's ICT staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about your computer and this software.

Requirements for new laptops

Considering buying a new laptop for your studies at the University of Antwerp?

Basic functions on both Windows and Mac
As long as your Windows or Mac laptop meets the requirements below (Wi-Fi, hard drive, processor, etc.) you should be able to use all the basic functions, including the Blackboard learning environment, Office 365, student administration (SisA) and to establish a secure external connection to the university network (VPN).

Academic software
Several programme components use academic software that only runs on Windows. That means certain software will be unavailable to Mac users, but this problem can usually be solved by installing Windows on your Mac (using Virtual Box or Parallels). Already have a student account? Check out the 'Software on Mac' section in the student portal.

The latest Macbooks are equipped with the Apple M1 chip (ARM architecture).  Because of this, certain software (e.g. Virtual Box and other virtualization software) does not currently work on these devices. There is no guarantee that now or in the future all academic software will work on a new Mac (with M1 chip). Please take this into consideration when planning the purchase of a new Mac (with M1 chip).

We recommend the following for use at the University of Antwerp:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
    High-performance wireless network card with Dual-band and 2x2 antennas
  • Hard drive
    An SSD with a minimum size of 256GB
  • Processor
    If the device is used for more than just surfing, social media and word processing, we recommend an i5 processor.
    When using 'heavy-duty' software such as 3D design, it's definitely best to go for an i7
  • RAM
    8 GB
  • Camera
    During the coronavirus pandemic, students in various study programmes needed laptops with cameras in order to take exams online.

Please note!
Some study programmes have very specific requirements, so be sure to check with your faculty or lecturer first. For instance:

  • Interior Architecture, Architecture and Product Development students can find more info and specs on the website of the Faculty of Design Sciences

  • Applied Engineering students can inquire about specs with the Faculty of Applied Engineering

  • Business Engineering (Management Information Systems) students and other students in the Faculty of Business and Economics no specific requirements for laptops

Buying a new computer/laptop

The following companies are specialised in offering laptops to UAntwerp students, so you can start your search here: