Chairs at the University of Antwerp can only be established through the contributions of individuals, associations and companies. The themes and objectives of chairs may vary, but there is always a link back to society. Activities undertaken within the scope of a chair could include: attracting a guest professor, organising a series of lectures, teaching a new subject, conducting research... there are many possibilities, as long as the focus remains on the three key aspects of education, service provision and research.

Establishing a chair is very simple. Let's go over the practical details.

A few conditions:

  • A chair must have a minimum duration of three years with an annual minimum amount of 70,000 euros.
  • Each chair is established in consultation with the faculty concerned. It gives you the unique opportunity to link your organisation or brand to the name of the chair.
  • A chair usually focuses on three pillars: education, research & service provision.
  • A chair can be established by means of a donation or a contract.

Donation chairs:

  • Make a donation into bank account number BE42 7310 4624 7854 including the payment reference 'fiscaal attest' (tax certificate) and the name of the research project
  • No contract or agreement needed
  • Not subject to VAT
  • You will receive a tax certificate for your donation

Contract chairs:

  • Agreement between the two parties
  • Certain arrangements can be made in the contract
  • Subject to 21% VAT, payment by invoice
  • No tax certificate