Curious about our current chairs? Our various chairs are always related to all kinds of different themes and subjects. Below you can find an overview of our chairs arranged by social theme.Some chairs are also open to free donations from private individuals of companies.

Health & Medicine​

Society and well-being

  • 'European Values' Chair / Study of European values ​​based on the foundations of European culture / donations possible

Climate, Environment & Sustainable Development

  • 'SDG Transition' Chair / Formulating tailor-made Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for provinces and local authorities /

Law & Ethics

  • 'Club Brugge' Chair / Investing in research and service provision with regard to the legal and professional context of the Belgian football business /
  • 'Animal & Law' Chair / Developing animal dignity as a legal principle, encouraging public debate and raising awareness / donations possible


  • 'Dennie Lockefeer' Chair / Research, education and service provision with regard to inland navigation and mobility problems in and around ports / donations possible