Health & Medicine

Society and well-being

  • 'European Values' Chair / Study of European values ​​based on the foundations of European culture / donations possible

Climate, Environment & Sustainable Development

  • 'SDG Transition' Chair / Formulating tailor-made Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for provinces and local authorities/

Law & Ethics

  • 'Club Brugge' Chair / Investing in research and service provision with regard to the legal and professional context of the Belgian football business /
  • 'Animal & Law' Chair / Developing animal dignity as a legal principle, encouraging public debate and raising awareness / donations possible


  • 'Dennie Lockefeer' Chair / Research, education and service provision with regard to inland navigation and mobility problems in and around ports /





  • 'Trends Economy of Hope' Chair /  Striving towards an environmentally conscious and people-conscious economy with a better balance between economy, technology, ecology and society /