What does the CORE chair do?

CORE, Centre for Oncological Research, is an established cancer research centre of the University of Antwerp where pioneering research is conducted to improve cancer treatments and detect different types of cancer more efficiently. Within this chair, special attention is paid to 'immunotherapy' and innovative 'targeted therapies'.


Immunotherapy involves the use of medecines and cancer vaccines that strenghten the body's own immune system so that the tumour cells are weakend and become more visible to the immune system. In this way, the body's own immune system then becomes strong enough to attack the malignant cells.

According to researchers, this therapy will be widely used in the near future because of the promising results so far. With our CORE chair, we want to expand the possibilities of immunotherapy for, among others, intestinal cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, asbestos cancer and brain tumours.

Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy focuses on the characteristics of a cancer cell whereby medication, such as pills or an infusion, blocks the receptor on the outside of a cancer cell so that they no longer give the signal that the cell must continue to grow. In this way, the cancer cell is deceived. Common types of cancer that we study at our university include lung cancer, colon cancer and head and neck tumours. 

Chair person: Prof. dr. Filip Lardon

Faculty: Medicine and Health Sciences

Active: since 2019

Partner: anonymous patron

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