With this chair, the University of Antwerp, the alderman for education, and the teacher training courses within the Antwerp University Association (AUHA) have decided to join forces. Together, they want to offer new ideas, visions and strategies to update the profile of modern education in light of new societal needs.

This chair contributes to:

  • a better understanding of urban problems and their consequences for education;
  • the development of a broad vision for education and educational innovation in relation to the urban fabric;
  • strategies to implement, grow and assess such innovations with all stakeholders.

A chair is organised four times a year in consultation with the city council and the teacher training institutes. In a series of lectures, renowned experts discuss the role of education in a metropolitan context. These lectures are followed by a workshop the next day.

  • Chairholder: Tom Smits
  • Faculty: Antwerp University Association (AUHA)
  • Active: since 2015
  • Partner:

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