About the chair

In 2019, Football Club Club Brugge and the University of Antwerp teamed up and launched the Club Brugge Chair. The chair will focus on the further professionalisation of the football business. 

The chair examines how the football company of tomorrow should be organised. The chair provides a platform for research and services on both the national and international legal context in which a football company operates and on how to professionalise their activities.

An important focus in this context is the organisation of the governance of the football company, the compliance perspective and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In addition, the Club Brugge Chair contributes to the scientific opinion on the Belgian legal framework for the football company and its optimisation.

Professor Robby Houben of the University of Antwerp and football club Club Brugge decided to take the initiative to create a scientific framework for the professionalisation of a football company.