About the Faculty of Design Sciences

The Faculty of Design Sciences cherishes a synergy between its 4 disciplines: product development, architecture, interior architecture, urbanism and spatial design and heritage studies. Priority is given to an interdisciplinary approach to material culture, designs and people and their surroundings. As such the faculty fosters the creative disciplines that can address the challenges we face in today’s society. The students of the faculty are designers, integrators and heritage developers that can tackle transition, relate to people and understand their context and desires, without losing their goal-oriented mindset.

For CUMULUS Antwerp 2023, the faculty will team up with their next-door neighbours, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (with whom they share labs and facilities), the network of Antwerp Powered by Creatives, the Design Sciences Hub, the City of Antwerp and Visit Flanders.

  • 1645 students
  • Master programmes & research in: Product development, Architecture & Interior Architecture, Conservation-Restoration & Heritage studies, Urbanism and Spatial Planning

About the University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking university. It integrates the assets of its historic roots with its ambition to contribute positively to society. The University of Antwerp develops, provides access to and disseminates scientific knowledge through research, teaching and service to society. It carries out these tasks in a spirit of academic freedom and responsibility. The University of Antwerp espouses active pluralism. In that spirit, it stimulates critical research and teaching, reflection and debate on scientific, social, philosophical and ethical questions. The University of Antwerp conducts creative and innovative scientific research which strives for international excellence. It stimulates both basic and applied research and their valorisation. The University of Antwerp offers internationally accredited academic teaching based on scientific research. It aims at the development and integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will prepare its students to take responsibility in society.

The University of Antwerp stimulates public debate and greatly values its staff and students' service to society. The University of Antwerp is active in a global environment. It stimulates its staff and students international orientation. The University of Antwerp is committed to the development of its city and region. With its partners in the Antwerp University Association, it takes responsibility for higher education in the Antwerp region. The University of Antwerp attaches great importance to its close, historic links with Antwerp University Hospital, the Institute of Tropical Medicine and Antwerp Management School. It seeks constructive partnerships in the fields of research, teaching and academic service to society. In addition, the University shares its expertise with both public and private partners. The University of Antwerp fosters diversity and offers its staff and students equal opportunities and maximum potential for personal development. The University of Antwerp ensures the quality (education - research) and sustainability of its activities. Its contact with students, staff and other stakeholders is constructive, respectful and open-minded.

  • 20492 students (123 nationalities)
  • 5618 staff members
  • 670 professors / 3071 researchers
  • Founding member of YUFE / Young Universities for the Future of Europe

About Cumulus

Cumulus is the leading global association of art and design education and research. Cumulus represents a dynamic ecosystem for internationalisation and global mobility, knowledge exchange, and collaboration in art and design pedagogy, research, and practice. The 350 Cumulus member institutions are leading the way in art and design education around the world. Originating from 63 countries, they demonstrate the importance of collaboration in a 21st century higher education landscape that is increasingly complex and global. 

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About The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp: a House for the Arts and an International Biotope

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1663 on the initiative of an artist, David Teniers the Younger. It is one of the first art schools in the world and, with its unique historical campus in Antwerp as a base, has gained name and fame with its educational programs and research projects. In addition, the Academy profiles itself as an active player in the cultural field.

As an inspired and inspiring biotope, located in the heart of an international harbour city, the Academy wants to form its students into critical and creative artists, designers, researchers and educators who engage and manifest themselves in a rapidly changing art world and society. With its range of bachelor's and master's programs in the fine and applied arts, its educational master's and its doctoral program, the Academy has everything to do this.

As an artists’ 'and researchers' collective, the Academy has the ambition to be an international, dynamic and passionate living, thinking and working environment where all stakeholders, students and employees, are optimally involved in all aspects of the operation and communication and collaboration takes place in a transparent and open way.

An excellent art practice flourishes in a process in which material and mental deepening enter into dialogue. A solidly substantiated studio program, a thorough theoretical framework and close collaborations with local, national and international partners guarantee a finger on the pulse of visual and design art education. Research and doctoral projects question and push the boundaries of art and design practice. Artistic and educational projects and publications guarantee the dissemination of this expertise.

Aiming at excellent, innovative art and design education and qualitative, groundbreaking artistic research, the Academy wants to consolidate and continue its historic pioneering role. All this with attention to the artistic, cultural and social challenges of today and tomorrow, and in line with the strategic mission of the AP University of Applied Siences and Arts (of which the Academy is part) and in collaboration with ARIA – Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts / University of Antwerp.

  • Educational program: Bachelor and Master in Fine Arts (in Dutch and in English), Educational Master Program, Research program, and Doctoral program in collaboration with University of Antwerp
  • Programs in Sculpture, Photography, Graphic Design, In Situ³, Jewellery Design, Costume Design, Fashion, Painting, Printmaking, Art Education, and Artistic Research Program
  • About 600 students, 45 researchers of which 10 PhD research students
  • Four Research Groups for research in the arts
  • About 55 different nationalities


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