Responsible Fashion Series

*Please note that the responsible Fashion series emerged from the Fashion Colloqium series that ran from 2012-2019.​

Our value system...

Fashion has the potential to act as a catalyst for change and support at all levels – locally, nationally and internationally.

Responsible fashion requires all participants to act in a positive way that invests creatively, ethically in a non-gender biased way to build a sustainable and ethical future for the wearing and possession of dress.

Responsible Fashion events are ‘free’ and ‘accessible’ (subject to registration) in order to remove any barriers for local people (regardless of their background) to attend and contribute.

There is no one template for how an event is organized, rather we work with local organisers to develop a programme which meets their needs within this value system.

Responsible fashion series Call for contributions ‘Traveling along the silk road in Central Asia!

Traveling along the silk road in Central Asia … through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

10th March – 20th March 2023. 

A caravan travelling along the old silk road from TURKESTAN … SHYMKENT… TARAZ… BISHKEK and reaching ALMATY