A PhD at the department of Bioscience Engineering?

When you've received your Master's degree and you wish to immerse yourself into research and development, then a doctorate at UAntwerp is probably something for you!

The department is always looking for new doctoral students! Take a look at the website of the research groups A-PECS, LAMB, or SUSTAIN,  or make an appointment to discuss opportunities for PhD.


The degree of 'doctor' is the highest level that can be achieved at a university. The doctoral degree is obtained after an intensive period of study and research. During that period, it is expected that the doctoral student independently penetrates to the core of some fundamental questions, with the aim to make an original contribution to the field. The end result of this research is written down in a thesis, which has to be defended before a jury.

Additional information

For more information go to Antwerp Doctoral School. PhD fellowships are given by the FWO.


At the department of Bioscience Engineering, there are regularly job offers for PhDs meant for students who are passionate about research. These can be found through the academic staff vacancies.