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Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Academic year :

Model Path part 3

Compulsory courses

Immunology4sp1st semester
De Meester, Ingrid
Medical Biochemistry6sp1st semester
Hendriks, Dirk
Pharmacognosy: medicinal plants and natural products6sp1st semester
Pieters, Luc
Pharmaceutical Analysis III6sp1st semester
Foubert, Kenn
Infectious diseases and Vaccines4sp1st semester
Cos, Paul
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology4sp1st semester
Martinet, Wim
Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development5sp2nd semester
Augustyns, Koen
Pharmacology and Applied Pharmacokinetics10sp2nd semester
De Meyer, Guido
Galenic Pharmacy and Biopharmacy I6sp2nd semester
Kiekens, Filip
Galenic Pharmacy and Biopharmacy I: lab work3sp2nd semester
Kiekens, Filip
World View and Science3sp2nd semester
Loobuyck, Patrick

Optional courses

Optional courses: 1 course to choose from

Bachelor test partim III: internship3sp2nd semester
Cos, Paul
Bachelor test partim III: international internship3sp2nd semester
Cos, Paul