Bike repair @ ecomarket

Taking the bike is not only an easy way to get around, it's also healthy and sustainable.

So during our climate week, we also want to encourage everyone to take that bike off the rack more often! Does your chain need re-lubrication? Are your tires a little flat? Or are the brakes lacking some power? Drop by the GreenOffice Bike Repair for a free refurbishment of your bike! Because nothing beats safe riding through the streets in the first spring sunshine.

Bike repair is possible every single day at every UAntwerp-campus, thank to the perfect collab with Werkmmaat vzw (check the poster in every bike shed, or on the digital student portal). 

During the climate week it is even easier!
How it works during this climate week action? Drop off your bike and pick it up after your lesson or productive bib session before 2pm. Specialists will repair and Greenofficers will guard them for you in the meantime.

Maintenance of tires, brakes and chain is completely free. Need more? New lights, brake cables or brake pads can also be installed and charged at the cost of the materials.

Practical information

  • Wednesday, March 22nd
  • Continuous from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Campus Drie Eiken