Sustainable Festival (GreenOffice x UAct x AFD)

GreenOffice UAntwerpen, Academics for Development Antwerp and UAct are putting their heads and hands together to organize an afternoon and evening market on March 23. Different local organizations will set up their own stalls and share their products/vision with you. There will definitely be a tasty snack, drink or fun goodie present and all combined with live music!

Sustainable fest will take place in Circuit (South Antwerp), a promising sustainable shopping center. We aim for an interactive fun evening with workshops, music, networking, clothes changing and so much more!

what you need to know

  • entrance is free!
  • everyone welcome march 23rd from 15.00 - 23.00
  • You can bring your own clothes for our clothing swap

Vintage Market

Do you love vintage clothing? Need decoration for your new dorm room? Come to our Vintage & (e)co market and you'll find what you need and much more!  

  • Where. The Greenhub (under Komida CST). 
  • When. October 3 - 7 at 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Selling stuff yourself? Register now!

Registrations are free, we provide you a table where you can display your stuff. The profit you make by selling goes entirely to you

As a student organization you can also collect old stuff from your members and sell it collectively!

Here you can watch a dutch interview we did for the local news paper!

Thriftshop city tour

Want to explore the city and know where to find inexpensive clothing or decoration for your dorm? Green Office will show you around Antwerp! They will introduce you to the best thrift stores and teach you more about their way of working! Plus, get to know like-minded people too!

  • What: 2-hour walk through the city to show you how easy it is to shop cheaply and sustainably! 

  • Where. Antwerp city on foot, meeting point at the Greenhub (under Komida CST) 

  • When: not applicable anymore​

Free Bike repair

On April 27, 2022, have your bike repaired for free by Werkmmaat from 10am-14pm. At the request of Home CDE students, the repair service will be ready for you at building O of CDE. You can leave your bike here and come back later. Meanwhile, you can go to a class, study or watch the 25% documentary!!!

What to expect:

  • General recovery
  • Lubricating the chain
  • Tightening up the brakes
  • Inflating the tires

25% revolution documentary

Our economic system is burdensome to people and the planet. That's not an opinion, it's a fact. The only question is: how do you deal with it? Broederlijk Delen wants to work towards a sustainable world without inequality. By working together, all over the world, that is perfectly possible. Because did you know that if 25% of people choose to share and redistribute, that's enough to make it 100% different? Find out more about this during the documentary and after-party discussion of Broederlijk delen!

For Green Impact participants, this is a fun last chance to accomplish one more action as a team, but of course all interested parties are welcome!

What you need to know

  • Time: 12:45-13:45
  • Location: Spiegeltent Campus Drie Eiken

Find out more on the website of Broederlijk delen.

Plogg activities

Plogging, what is it?

Plogging is a growing activity born in Sweden since 2016. The word Plogging comes from "Plocka" (Swedish for picking up) and "jogging. So it combines active walking around with picking up dirt. Through this activity we rid society of a little litter and calories ;)

We use the WePlog app, which shows which streets have been recently plogged and which could use a cleanup.

How do you get started?

You can always go out yourself with a garbage bag and collect garbage but if you like to do this in company of other students or want to see how we do it, read on: 

Green office organizes several plog actions throughout the year for students where litter is collected from the streets and cleaned up. Hereby we provide the material such as gloves, garbage bags & grabbers ! The routes are also mapped out in advance.

But UA staff members can also request materials from us. 

Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte & Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen already did so on 28/04/2023 and 4/05/2023

You want to join us in this journey? Send us a message on Instagram!

Running out of time

"The effects of climate change on our planet will be felt most strongly by our youth and future generations. Their collective voices must be heard. Together, we are working to pass a relay baton, hand in hand, containing a powerful climate message from young people to the decision-makers at COP27. With the immense support and scale of the project, the message is impossible to ignore!"


Running Out of Time is a 7,767 km non-stop relay starting from Glasgow, Scotland (site of previous climate conference) to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (site of current climate conference). 

  • There are 732 starting points from which thousands of runners and cyclists will each cover a 10-km section of the relay and help carry the relay to Egypt.
  • There will be running day and night over a period of 38 days in as many as 18 different countries! 


The relay baton starts in Glasgow on September 30 and arrives in Egypt on November 6.
The pole passes through Berchem-Antwerp on October 11 between this specific time slot: 19:05 - 20:15 → so you get 1h10 minutes to run 10 km