And then there was...

In april 2017 staff members and students joined forces during a brainstorm event to do something about the lack of sustainability measures within the university. They concluded that the university was in need of a group to do something about it. They decided to follow the already existing model of the GreenOffice Movement.

In October 2018 after a process of approval and the gathering of a budget, GreenOffice Uantwerpen was created and four students were hired to give life to this new organization. GreenOffice UAntwerpen functions as a sustainability network within the university of Antwerp.

GreenOffice UAntwerpen is a student organization that puts a spotlight on sustainability in and around the university. We motivate students and staff to practice more sustainability in their daily lives.

On this site you’ll find all kinds of articles and links to other projects as well as more information about GreenOffice.

Do you want to help us? Do you have ideas about sustainability?

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