So you’re aware of your impact on the climate? What are you going to do now? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Our university has plenty of projects to help you care about the climate. The city of Antwerp and the internet also have a lot of good ideas to offer. We’ll tell you all about it right here on this page!


The University of Antwerp argues for more sustainability through the launch of the Green Impact UA project. Staff and students will be stimulated to make a difference. This University will drastically reduce its ecological footprint. Taking action as a 'small individual' on campus is the reality by means of the achievable sustainability goals of Green Impact UA.



Awarded with a UNESCO Award for pioneering work on sustainability and behavioral change, Green Impact has been developed over the past decade by the British National Union of Students and is now growing internationally, including at UAntwerp. 

The project has already been used by more than 400 organizations and 20,000 people as a concrete model to bring about bottom-up change. An achievable result for the daily work floor will demand sustainability for higher up. The influence on more sustainable households and influence on people around us will leave a 'green impact'. In this way, sustainability will suddenly become very tangible and the sustainability of the University of Antwerp and around it will become a feasible goal!

Let's gather as much enthusiasm as possible and set up teams that are committed to a more sustainable world of tomorrow! 


Staff members come together in groups based on faculty, background, or common workspaces. As a staff member, you can register your department together with colleagues. As a student, you can look for other enthusiastic students from your residence. 

The Green Impact UA Team has built an online toolkit with more than 100 concrete actions to make your direct (work and study) environment greener. Together we make the difference and this in collaboration with colleagues and students of the University of Antwerp.

You can decide for yourself how much time you put into the project and how regularly you meet with your team. Even a few hours a month can make a difference! Based on the number of actions you accomplish during the year, your team will receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal at the end of the year!

Register on this website with the registration code you'll find here (when logging into Pintra with your UA login details). 


If there are any questions you can contact the Green Impact UA Team by email:

Inez Vanhoutte:

Nell Van den Plas:

Armelle Schiltz:


Be a changemaker yourself!

  • Participate in the climate week and go to our special lectures, movie nights and workshops.

  • Join the Climate Team