Duty of care documentary

Duty of Care tells the punishing story of Dutch "climate lawyer" Roger Cox who, as a pioneer in climate litigation, first had the Dutch state, and more recently, gas and oil giant Shell, convicted. The verdicts created a global shockwave in the legal and corporate world, and sparked a slew of other Climate Cases worldwide, including the Belgian Climate Case. Following the documentary is a panel discussion with Valerie Trouet, director of the new Climate Center.

Following the documentary, there will be a panel discussion with Valerie Trouet and Gamze Erdem Türkelli.

Practical information

  • Monday 20th of march 
  • 7.30pm - 9.30pm
  • City campus building R001
  • The activity is free of charge but registration is mandatory !


Prof. Valerie Trouet holds a PhD in Bioengineering from KULeuven. She is currently a professor in the Dendrochronological Laboratory at the University of Arizona (USA). There, she studies past climate evolution by analyzing tree rings, a science called dendroclimatology, which allows her to study climate over a 2,000-year period. Trouet recently started as Scientific Director of the Climate Center.

Prof. Gamze Erdem Türkelli is Research Professor in the Law & Development Research Group. Her work is situated at the interface of international law, human rights and sustainable development. She researches transnational human rights obligations (including business and human rights), hybrid public-private actors such as multi-stakeholder partnerships, "innovative" development finance, children's rights, and accountability and responsibility. She holds degrees in law, political science and international relations from Boğaziçi, Sorbonne, Yale & Antwerp.

Moderator Harriët Bergman is with the Center for European Philosophy at the University of Antwerp. She is writing a PhD on climate justice activism and political emotions. As an activist-trainer, she contributes to several social movement trainings and workshops with nonviolent civil disobedience collectives Traction and Power Accelerators. Her current focus is on eco-fascism and different understandings of violence.


The documentary is in English with Dutch subtitles. The panel debate is in Dutch and English.