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The daily management of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences rests with the Dean and the Vice-Dean. Together with the Academic Secretary, the Faculty Director and the Faculty Coordinators, they make up the executive committee:

The faculty receives administrative, logistical and policy support from the Dean's Office. It also has a number of bodies:

Governing bodies

  • Faculty Meeting
  • Faculty Board

Bodies for policy preparation and execution

Academic bodies

Advisory bodies

  • Selection Committees (SC)
  • Faculty Evaluation Commission (FEC)
  • Medicine internship committee
  • Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy (REVAKI) internship committee
  • Administrative and Technical Personnel work group
  • Policy unit for course places and specialisms
  • Services Commission
  • CIKO Board
  • Study Programme Commission
  • Library Commission

Reflection groups

  • Medicine reflection group
  • Nursing and Midwifery reflection group
  • Epidemiology and Social Medicine reflection group (ESOC)
  • Family Medicine reflection group
  • Master in Specialist Medicine reflection group
  • Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy (REVAKI) reflection group


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Campus Drie Eiken
Building S
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 WILRIJK (Antwerpen)
Tel. +32 3 265 26 39