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The Dean's office

The Dean's office is the administrative heart of the faculty, providing support to the various faculty bodies for a variety of issues, including infrastructure, HR, finance, educational and student administration, quality assurance, communication and internationalisation.


Dean: Professor Louis Maes 
Vice-Dean: Professor Koen Augustyns 
Faculty Coordinator: Kim Toté, PhD 
Secretariat: Nele Devloo

Staff members

Chemistry Tutoring: Bart Tambuyzer, PhD
CIKO (Cell for Innovation and Quality of Education): Marleen Eyckmans, PhD
Communication and Internationalisation: Miep Demuynck 
​Study programme counsellor: Jo Vandervoort, PhD
UFOO (University Fund for Educational Development): Tessa De Block

Support staff

Internationalisation: Nele Devloo - Ann Meulemans  
Educational Administration and Communication: Leen Caslo
Educational Administration and Timetables: Patricia Duchesne 
HR and Finances: Els Crauwels
Student Administration: Ann Meulemans