“Studying abroad is just one big party holiday”​​
“My choice of study determines my entire future”
“Making friends while studying abroad is hard”
“I can only be happy if I obtain a university degree”

Is student life not always all roses for you either? Did the corona pandemic affect your mental health? Get together with about 10 fellow students and have a conversation about learning and living as an international student. During these talking sessions, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow students and share experiences about life as an (international) student. Think about loneliness, corona(stress), alcohol consumption during student life, not quite belonging, performance pressure, ... The themes are not fixed and depend on the needs of the group. A student psychologist will be present in each group.

Check all dates here:
  • Wednesday 9th of March 2022, 17h00 -18h30 at the Groenenborger Campus
  • Thursday 31st of March 2022, 11h30 - 13h00 at the Groenenborger Campus
Practical information
  • Feel free to register for one or more sessions.
  • You will receive an email with the exact location a few days in advance.
  • A Covid Safe Ticket is not required to participate.