ISA 2023

Sarah Katz-Lavigne presented the Driving Change project and preliminary findings from the January-March 2023 fieldwork in Kolwezi and Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, at the March 2023 International Studies Association conference in Montreal, Canada. Title of the presentation: Regulation with participation? The meanings and manifestations of participation by small-scale producers in battery-mineral supply chain regulation.


University of Antwerp's UCSIA and USOS organized the conference Mining and Social Justice in February 2023. Sara Geenen gave an introductory presentations on mineral supply chains, while Sarah Katz-Lavigne presented the Driving Change project. 

HDCA 2022

At the Human Development and Capabilities Association conference, Sara Geenen and Sarah Katz-Lavigne chaired a panel titled "Regulation with participation? Putting small-scale producers at the forefront of supply-chain regulation. Sarah Katz-Lavigne also presented the paper "Driving participation Mapping the involvement of small-scale producers in battery-mineral supply chain regulation".

SASE 2022

Sarah Katz-Lavigne and Sara Geenen presented at the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) conference in Amsterdam, July 2022. Title of the presentaton: "The Mineral Supply Chain Does Not Exist. How Legal Regimes Build Mineral Supply Chains & Obscure Alternative Knowledge and Normative Systems". 


Sarah Katz-Lavigne presented the project at a seminar organized by CEGEMI in Bukavu, in June 2022. The seminar was attended by academics, students and members of civil society.