The major research objective is to accelerate new therapy - and biomarker development by creating a multidisciplinary European research and training network around DED research. IT-DED3 constitutes a unique platform for a true translational research dedicated to patients suffering from DED and is able to translate basic research into patient applications (‘bench-to-bedside’ principle).

This project is divided 3 scientific work-packages: Drug discovery (WP1), Preclinical drug development (WP2); and Development of clinical diagnostic tools (WP3). We handle different therapeutic approaches for DED treatment such as synthesized and upscaled small molecules (serine protease and RIPK1 inhibitors, natural compounds) and develop innovative drug delivery systems, which are tested in validated and newly developed in vivo models for DED. For patient stratification, which is highly needed in the field of DED, we identify new biomarkers and develop innovative imaging techniques in both animal models and in humans.