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Thursday 11 April

9h00 Introduction

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  • Christine De Weerdt (Director STAM) - Opening of the conference
  • Tim Soens (Antwerp, BE) - Welcome and Introductory remarks
  • Cécile Bruyet, Stef Espeel & Arnoud Jensen (Antwerp, BE) - Feeding the Citizens in the medieval Low Countries: the land and the market
  • Hans Vandermaelen (Ghent, BE) - The past, present and future of urban land and food

10h30 Short break

10h45 Keynote Session: Alternative Food Systems of Medieval Cities 

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  • Matthieu Arnoux (Paris, FR) - Country and city barns. The Paris grain supply network (12th - 13th centuries)
  • Bruce Campbell (Belfast, UK) - Food and Fuel from Overseas: late medieval England and Ireland

12h00 Lunch

13h00 Session: Food Supplies of Urban Families and Institutions

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  • Antoni Furio (Valencia, ES) - The city’s larder. Irrigated space, urban landownership and food provisioning from the immediate outside of the city walls of Valencia in the late Middle Ages
  • Niklaus Bartlome (Bern, CH) - Providing an Apéro after a volcanic outburst: Impacts of volcanic eruptions on 17th century Switzerland
  • Kathleen Pribyl (Antwerp, BE) - Towards an understanding of food provisioning strategies of urban households in late medieval Norwich

14h30 Short break

14h45 Session: Food Producing Town Dwellers

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  • Caroline Goodson (Cambridge, UK) - Urban Gardens in Early Medieval Italy: subsistence and prestige
  • Annika Björklund (Stockholm, SE) - Urban land ownership in medieval and early modern Swedish towns
  • Jan Fongers (Wageningen, NL) - Urban agriculture in the Netherlands during the long sixteenth century (1500-1650)

16h15 Visit of the exhibition "Gentse Gronden"

Practical information to follow, led by Esther Beeckaert (Ghent, BE)

Friday 12 April

9h00 Session: Urban Strategies towards Farmland

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  • Paolo Nanni (Florence, IT) - The Direct Supply of Wheat in Florence at the Beginning of the 15th Century. Investigations on the Florentine “Catasto” of 1427
  • Bram Hilkens (Rotterdam, NL) - Urban capital, rural development, and land inequality in early modern Holland
  • Giulio Ongaro (Milan, IT) - Farmland in a proto-industrial area: the Venetian Mainland dominion (mid-XVI – XIX century)
  • Matteo Di Tullio (Pavia, IT) - Feeding the poor, getting richer: the landownership strategies of some charitable institutions of Milan during the early modern period

11h00 Short break

11h15 Session: Organizing the Urban Hinterland 

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  • Tomas Klir (Prague, CZ) - The organisation of food supply in the late Middle Ages. The case of the imperial city of Cheb (Central Europe)
  • Maroesjka Verhagen (Amsterdam, NL) - According to the Seasons. Everyday Functioning of Amsterdam’s Fruit Provision from Its Hinterlands (c. 1600-1800)
  • Paolo Tedeschi and Andrea M. Locatelli (Milan, IT) - Supplying with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables the Citizens’ Tables: the suburban orchards and vegetables gardens in the main Lombard towns during the 19th century

​​12h30 Lunch

13h45 Session: Contested Rights to Farmland

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  • Beatrice Moring (Helsinki, FI) - Land and urban-rural connections in the Nordic past
  • Henry French (Exeter, UK) - Citizenship, Common Rights and Urban Agriculturein England and Wales, 1500-1850
  • Joachim Popek (Rzeszow, PL) - Eastern European Urban Commons: a Subject ofMassive Social Tensions
  • Rachele Scuro (Venice, IT) - Bread, rice, and water: The role of urban land and water-ownership in victualling and agriculture in the early modern Venetian State

​15h45 Short break

16h00 Concluding Roundtable: Urban Land and Urban Food, from Past to Present

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  • JC Niala (Oxford, UK) - Urban Agriculture in Nairobi: Dairy Farming as a Window into Historical Land Exclusion and Contemporary Food Provisioning
  • Yves Segers (Leuven, BE) - Allotments and community gardens. The importance of alternative food networks in Belgium since the late 19th century
  • Michiel Dehaene (Ghent, BE) - Public Investment in Localized Food Production: imagining collective infrastructure for the food enabling city

17h00 Drinks