Great Lakes of Africa Centre

GLAC is the IOB Great Lakes of Africa Centre, a platform that seeks to stimulate research and policy engagement, linking scholarship in and on Africa's Great Lakes region.

  • ​The thematic scope of GLAC is articulated in IOB’s research lines.
  • The main focus countries are the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, with due attention for neighbouring countries as well as international organisations and how they relate to the region.
  • GLAC works across local, national and international governance levels and dynamics.
  • GLAC hosts scholarly research that is data-driven, theoretically informed and context-sensitive.
  • As a platform where multiple partners and ways of knowing meet, GLAC engages with other scholars from various disciplines and policy makers.
  • GLAC has academic partnerships in the DRC, Burundi and Uganda. It takes part in the IOB Scholar in Residence (SIR) programme.