For personal use

  • It is permitted, for personal use, to take photographs without use of flashlight after permission from a staff member.

For publication

  • Conditions of the materials permitting, it is possible to order reproductions of Special Collections materials.  
  • Reproductions for publications can only be made by the Special Collections and are delivered full-color, 300 dpi, in TIFF or JPEG format (depending on your choice)
  • Reproductions (photographs or scans) of materials from the Special Collections can be ordered by email (addressed to Tom Deneire) or at the desk of the Special Collections Reading Room.. Large or complex orders may take longer.
  • Reproduction requests are handled by the curator.
  • Reproductions are, in principle, free of charge
  • To use a reproduction in a publication requires written permission of the curator. The following conditions apply:
  1. The source must be cited correctly in the publication: University Library of Antwerp, Special Collections, [object number] or University Library Antwerpen, Special Collection, Print Roomt, [signatuur = tg-loi]
  2. A complimentary copy must be sent to the library