The Blue Sky Studio brings together experts with diverse backgrounds around 'wicked urban problems' and goes beyond reactive 'problem solving' in a co-creative process in search of innovative solutions. Design thinking' is a powerful method to conceive and synthesize systemic change models in a concrete way. With the concept of 'space' - in the broad sense of the word - we give shape to urban infrastructure, public space, architecture and products in the city of the future.

Starting point is the capture of trends, reports, facts and insights within and outside the academic field about a specific 'urban wicked problem'. From this we formulate concrete challenges/research questions fed by multidisciplinary frameworks. We enter into a dialogue with experts for the elaboration of systemic innovation themes in possible solution spaces that take maximum account of the potential of future (technological) developments and possibilities. Beyond the one-problem-one-solution, the Blue Sky Studio explores various, innovative future scenarios. We mobilize in-depth academic research in a future lab with actors from industry, governments and civil society. At an early stage, these insights are shared with experts at conferences and targeted workshops, and further explored in research-driven design studios. Thanks to the unique collaboration of the Design Sciences Hub with experts from all areas of the University of Antwerp, we can focus on a broad spectrum of themes related to the city of the future.

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