Scope and objectives

Europe has a high cancer burden: in 2020, 2.7 million EU citizens were diagnosed with the disease and 1.3 million lost their lives to it. This toll is expected to increase further, mainly because Europe's population is ageing: by 2035, cancer will be the leading cause of death in the EU.

OncoProTools wants to force breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis and therapy by: (1) exploring innovative venues for protease targeting in CAR T cell therapy. (2) discovering novel vectors that bind to other TME proteases: cathepsins S, B, L and granzyme B; and (3) personalize applications of protease targeting: deliver innovative diagnostics through deeper understanding of TME biology.

OncoProTools will deliver a training program that truly captures the MSCA values to 10 Doctoral Candidates. They will benefit from an international, interdisciplinary an intersectoral network and will be provided with all capabilities to become leaders of tomorrow's R&I in patient-centered oncotherapy and diagnostics.

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