WP1: Safer and more effective CAR T therapy

Objectives: deliver and preclinically validate UniCAR T cell therapies that target FAP on cancer cells

WP-leaders: Dr. Claudia Arndt, Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, GERMANY | Prof. Domokos Mathé, CROmed, HUNGARY 

WP2: Novel ligands for other TME proteases

Objective: deliver 1) novel ligands of Cat S, B, L and GrnzB and 2) derived fluorescent and PET probes with preclinical validation.

WP-leaders: Prof. Tania Schirmeister, University of Mainz, GERMANY | Prof. Maria Santos, University of Lisbon, PORTUGAL

WP3: Towards personalized protease targeting

Objective: deliver 1) insight in protease expression regulation, 2) optimized in vitro and in vivo models and 3) diagnostics technologies.

WP-leaders: Dr. Laura Rocchi, Cellply, ITALY | Dr. Juan José Sanz, CSIC - Spanish National Research Council, SPAIN