This new consortium brings together a multidisciplinary scientific team located in three high income countries (Belgium, France and UK) and two low and middle income countries (Uganda and South Africa). The team comprises of the following partners:

  • University of Antwerp as the coordinator
  • Makerere University School of Public Health
  • Centre Hospitalier Regional et Universitaire De Brest
  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Limpopo

The ability of the partners to successfully complete the programme within the general context of the project is supported by their relevant evaluation and scientific expertise in different fields including epidemiology, clinical research, health promotion, cardiovascular diseases and risk factor management and research, HIV/AIDS research and management, clinical psychology and behavior change communication.

The consortium has the collective expertise to realize this ambitious project and each partner enjoys an excellent working relationship with a host of key institutions/ stakeholders in their specific countries. In addition, partners in the consortium have a record of accomplishment of large projects and almost all partners have worked together on related projects.

Project coordination

Partners in the project & their role