Summary & Presentations of the 20 year event

AM: Senior TransportNET phd’s presented their key research topic, and go in discussion with other senior researchers and professors

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• Jesper Zwaginga: Changeable ship design to support the energy transition Readiness 
• Adrien Nicolet: How to assess the impact of innovations on the inland waterway transport system?
• Yimeng Zhang: Flexible, Dynamic, and Collaborative SynchromodalTransport Planning Considering Preferences
• Christina Wisotzky: Changing mobility behavior in cities under flood conditions
• Rafael Arevalo: Integration of MooV-model network optimization with first and last-mile distribution modeling
• Mehran Farzadmehr: AI innovation assessment for implementing in port logistics: cost-effectiveness supplemented by multi-criteria methods
• Jeffrey Willems: “Implementation of an innovation portfolio (considering green energy, production storage and supply, modal shift, sustainable port design and digital transformation on the business and social port environment) impact and port specific conditions?”
• Peter Shobayo: Enhancing the competitiveness of inland waterway transport: A multi-methodological approach applied to port barge congestion and urban areas
• Chris Corbo: competitive networks and pricing in city logistics
• Noemi Van Meir: How to deal as a liquid bulk port with the energy transition?
• Katrien Storms: Container D&D in intermodal transport

PM: TransportNET professors presented their strategic transport research views, and participated in panels with junior and senior researchers and TransportNET alumni, industry and policy stakeholders, with the approach of the next generation, and considering sustainability and resilience

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• Air transport and airports – Rosário Macário, Eddy Van de Voorde and Wouter Dewulf

Globalization of aviation industry is changing markets and the power relationships between agents. Who will be the new winners and loosers ?
    Key words: aviation, markets, globalization, game strategy
Decarbonization of air transport needs Demo validation, but Demos need new evaluation methodologies
    Key words: air transport, technology, decarbonization, evaluation

• Maritime transport and ports – Christa Sys, Claudio Ferrari and Seraphim Kapros

• Inland navigation and ship building – Jeroen Pruyn, Alessio Tei and Edwin van Hassel

Keywords: future of shipbuilding; challenges for ship production and design, new IWW strategies
For the key points: The need for adapting to climate modifications and the introduction of alternative energy solutions represent key challenges for both shipbuilding and IWW companies; Shipbuilding will need to adapt to new technologies and exploit the possibility for using novel digital solutions; Data and data driven methods will be fundamental for guaranteeing and monitoring sustainability in design, shipbuilding, refits and recycling

• Passenger land transport – Stéphanie Souche, Eckhard Szimba and Amalia Polydoropoulou

• Rail and intermodality – Kay Mitusch, Florent Laroche and Thierry Vanelslander

• Land and Last-mile logistics – Athena Roumboutsos, Joris Beckers and Vasco Reis

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