Selected publications 2010

Selected peer reviewed scientific journal publications

  • Akkermans Dirk H.M., Harzing Anne-Wil, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Cultural Accommodation and Language Priming: Competitive versus cooperative behavior in a prisoner’s dilemma game.- In: Management International Review, 50(2010), pp. 559-583.
  • Bogaert Sandy, Boone Christophe & Carroll Glenn R.- Organizational Form Emergence and Competing Professional Schemata of Dutch Accounting, 1884-1939.- In: Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 31(2010), pp. 115-150.
  • Boone Christophe, Declerck Carolyn H., Kiyonari Toko.- Inducing Cooperative Behavior among Proselfs versus Prosocials: The moderating role of incentives and trust.- In: Journal of Conflict Resolution, 54(2010), pp. 799-824.
  • Chang Sea-Jin, van Witteloostuijn Arjen, Eden Lorraine.- Common-Method Variance in International Business Research, Letter from the Editors.- In: Journal of International Business Studies, 41(2010), p. 178-184.
  • Declerck Carolyn H., Boone Christophe, Kiyonari Toko.- Oxytocin and Cooperation under Conditions of Uncertainty: The modulating role of inventives and social information.- In: Hormones and Behavior, 57(2010), p. 368-374.
  • Dikova Desislava, Rao Sahib Padma, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Cross-Border Acquisition Abandonment and Completion: The effect of institutional differences and organizational learning in the international business service industry, 1981–2001.- In: Journal of International Business Studies, 41(2010), p. 223-245.
  • van der Laan Gerwin.- CEO Pay as a Reflection of Power or Performance: An Empirical Test for the Netherlands, 2002-2006.- In: Journal of Strategy and Management, 3:2(2010), p. 157-173.
  • van der Laan Gerwin, van Ees Hans, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Is Pay Related to Performance in The Netherlands? An analysis of Dutch executive compensation, 2002-2006.- In: The Economist, 158:2(2010), p. 123-149.
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  • Parker Simon C., Storey David J., van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- What Happens with Gazelles? The role of dynamic management strategies.- In: Small Business Economics 35(2010): 203-226.
  • Parker Simon C., van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- A General Framework for Estimating Multidimensional Contingency Fit.- In: Organization Science, 21:2(2010), p. 540-553.
  • Ramdani Dendi, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Impact of Board Independence and CEO Duality on Firm Performance: a quantile regression analysis for Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand.- In: British Journal of Management, 21:3(2010), p. 607-626.
  • Urbig Diemo.- Base Rate Neglect for the Wealth of Interacting People..- In: Advances in Complex Systems. 13(2010), pp. 607-619.
  • Weitzel Utz, Urbig Diemo, Desai Sameeskha, Sanders Mark Acs Zoltan.- The Good, the Bad, and the Talented: Entrepreneurial Talent and Selfish behavior.- In: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 76(2010), pp. 64-81.
  • van den Berg Annette, Grift Yolanda, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Perceived Effects of Works Councils on Organizational Outcomes: Comparing the public with the private sector. In: International Journal of Employment Studies. Forthcoming (2010).
  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen, De Jong Gjalt.- An Ecology of National Rule Birth: A longitudinal study of Dutch higher educational law, 1960-2004.- In: Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 20(2010), p. 187-213.
  • Zhou Chaohong, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Institutional Constraints and Ecological Processes: Evolution of foreign-invested enterprises in the Chinese construction industry, 1993-2006.- In: Journal of International Business Studies, 41(2010), p. 539-556.

Selected monographs and contributions to books

  • Dikova Desi, Muehlfeld Katrin, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- International Institutional Environment.- In: International Management Control and Accounting /Van der Meer-Kooistra, J., W. Westerman & K. Langfield-Smith [edit.], London: Edgar Elgar (forthcoming).
  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Globalization in the Food Industry: the impact of market structures and firm strategies. In: The Food Economy: global issues and challenges/ Bunte, F. & H. Dagevos [edit.], Wageningen, Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2010, p. 23-42.
  • Oskam, A., van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Agriculture and the Food Chain.- In: EU Policy for Agriculture, Food and Rural Areas / Oskam Arie, Meester Gerrit, Silvis Huis [edit.], Wageningen, Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2010, p. 149-164.
  • Wittek Rafael F.M., van Witteloostuijn Arjen,- Organizational Change. In: Handbook of Rational Choice Sociology / Nee, V, T. Snijders & R.F.M. Wittek [edit.], New York: Russell Foundation, 2010.