Selected publications 2012

Selected peer reviewed scientific journal publications

  • Bogaert Sandy, Boone Christophe, van Witteloostuijn Arjen (2012).- Social value orientation and climate strength as moderators of the impact of work group cooperative climate on affective commitment.- In: The journal of management studies / University of Lancaster. School of Management, 49:5, p. 918-944.  
  • Boone Christophe, Brouwer Aleid, Jacobs Jan, van Witteloostuijn Arjen, de Zwaan Matthijs (2012).- Religious Pluralism and Organizational Diversity: an empirical test in the city of Zwolle, the Netherlands, 1851-1914.- In: Sociology of Religion, 73:150-173.
  • Boone Christophe, Declerck Carolyn H., Rao Hayagreeva, Van den Buys Kristin (2012).- Out of Tune: The rise and fall of modernistic music in Brussels, 1919–1939.- In: Poetics, 40, pp. 44-66. 
  • Duysters Geert, Heimeriks Koen H., Lokshin Boris, Meijer Elise & Sabidussi Anna (2012).- Do firms learn to manage alliance portfolio diversity? The diversity-performance relationship and the moderating effects of experience and capability.-  In: European Management Review, 9,3:139-152.
  • Emonds Griet, Declerck Carolyn H., Boone Christophe, Vandervliet Everhard J. M., Parizel Paul M.(2012).- The cognitive demands on cooperation in social dilemmas: An fMRI study.- In: Social Neuroscience, pp. 1-16.
  • García-Díaz Cesar, Moreno-Monroy A.I. (2012).- Social influence, agent heterogeneity and the emergence of the urban informal sector.- In: Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 391, pp. 1563-1574.
  • Garcia-Diaz César,Zambrana Gilmar, van Witteloostuijn Arjen (2012).-Changing dimensionality of the political issue space: Effects on political party competition.- In: Troitzsch K. G., Möhring M. and Lotzmann U. (Eds.) Proceedings of the European Conference on Modeling and Simulation ECMS, pp. 690-696.
  • Kaufmann Wesley, van Witteloostuijn Arjen (2012).- The Ecology of EU Competition Law: a Quantitative Analysis of Rule Dynamics and Rule Stocks.- In: Erasmus Law Review. 4:143-159.
  • Müehlfeld Katrin, Rao Sahib P. ,van Witteloostuijn Arjen (2012).- A Contextual Theory of Organizational Learning from Failures and Successes: a Study of Acquisition Completion in the Global Newspaper Industry, 1981-2008.- In: Strategic Management Journal. 33:938-964.
  • Urbig Diemo, Monsen, E. (2012).- The structure of optimism: “Controllability affects the extent to which efficacy beliefs shape outcome expectancies”.- In: Journal of Economic Psychology, 33(4), pp. 854–867. 
  • Urbig Diemo, Weitzel Utz, Rosenkranz Stephanie, van Witteloostuijn Arjen (2012).- Exploiting Opportunities at All Cost? Entrepreneurial intent and externalities.- In: Journal of Economic Pychology, 33, pp. 379-393.
  • van den Berg Annette & Yolanda Grift (2012).- ‘De economische effecten van medezeggenschap in de publieke sector’ In: H. Hartmann (red.), OR en invloed (In de reeks Overleg en medezeggenschap bij de overheid; Kluwer, Alphen aan den Rijn).
  • Ramdani Dendi, van Witteloostuijn Arjen (2012).- The Shareholder-Manager Relationship and Its Impact on the Likelihood of Firm Bribery.- In: Journal of Business Ethics, 108(4):495-507.
  • Vanderstraeten Johanna, Matthyssens P. (2012).- Service-based differentiation strategies for business incubators: Exploring external and internal alignment, Technovation.  Online available:
  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen (2012).- Why the European Union is not delivering: an Essay on the Role of Multidimensional Diversity.- In: European Review. 20:365-375.

Forthcoming peer reviewed scientific journal publications

  • Haan M.A., Koning R.H., van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Effects of Institutional Change in European Soccer.- In: Journal of Economics and Statistics (forthcoming).
  • Jansen Thijs, van Lier Arie, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Managerial Bonus Systems in a Differentiated Duopoly: A comment.- In: Managerial and Decision Economics (forthcoming).
  • Jansen Thijs, van Lier Arie, van Witteloostuijn Arjen, T. Boon von Ochssée.- A Modified Cournot Model for the Natural Gas Market in the European Union: Mixed-motives delegation in a politicized environment.- In: Energy Policy (forthcoming).
  • Ramdani Dendi, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Shareholder–Manager Relationship and Its Impact on the Likelihood of Firm Bribery.- In: Journal of Business Ethics (forthcoming).
  • Senbet L.W., Verbeke Alain, van Witteloostuijn Arjen, Zaheer S.A..- Global Economic Crisis: insights from international business research (introduction to the special issue).- In: Journal of International Business Studies (forthcoming)
  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen. Why Law Production Never Stops: an explanation from the ecology of law.- In: Erasmus Law Review (forthcoming).
  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen. Why the European Union is not Delivering: an essay on the role of multidimensional diversity.- In: European Review (forthcoming).
  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen, Heijltjes M., Saka A..- The Contribution of Arndt Sorge to Organizational Sociology (Introduction to the Special Issue).- In: Journal of Strategy and Management (forthcoming).
  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen, Heijltjes M., Saka A..- How Universal Are the Nature and Process of Strategy? (Special Issue).- In: Journal of Strategy and Management (forthcoming).

Selected reports, monographs and contributions to books

  • Divarci Anil, Boone Christophe & van Witteloostuijn Arjen(2012). Identity realization, multiple logics and legitimacy: Organizational foundings during the emergence of the Dutch accounting industry.- In: Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (USB stick).
  • Divarci Anil, Boone Christophe, van Witteloostuijn Arjen (2012). When does globalization lead to local adaptation?  The emergence of hybrid Islamic schools in Turkey, 1985-2007. - In:  Antwerp: University of Antwerp, 2012-57 p; (Research paper/UA, Faculty of Applied Economics; 2012:022). 
  • Nijhof Erik,  van den Berg Annette.- Het menselijk kapitaal. Sociaal ondernemersbeleid in Nederland. Uitgeverij Boom, Amsterdam 2012.  
  • van Ees Hans, van der Laan Gerwin (2012).- Boards and Boards Effectiveness. In: The Sage handbook of Corporate Governance, Edited by Thomas Clarke and Douglas Branson. ISBN: 9781412929806.

Forthcoming selected monographs and contributions to books

  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen, Hendriks C.- De paradox van Nederland: waarom het slecht gaat met een succesvolle economie.- In: De toekomst van Nederland in Europa / Schout, A. & J. Rood [edit.], Amsterdam: Boom (forthcoming).
  • Wittek Rafael F.M., van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Organizational Change. In: Handbook of Rational Choice Social Research / Nee, V, T. Snijders & R.F.M. Wittek [edit.], Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press (forthcoming).