3Bs 2010

All sessions are planned from 12.00 to 13.00 in room Z 0.06 at Kipdorp 61 (Z-building of Stadscampus) or in De Meerminne.

Date Location Speaker Title
12/01/2010 M.103 Vasiliki Gargalianou Cultural accommodation and language priming.
02/02/2010 Z.006 Ad van den Oord A multilevel model of emerging technology.
16/02/2010 Z.006 Sandy Bogaert The success of Mergers & Acquisitions.
03/03/2010 M.101 Olivier Van der Brempt The influence of factional faultlines in Belgian works councils.
17/03/2010 M.101 Diemo Urbig Immigration and perceptions of risk and ambiguity.
14/04/2010 Z.006 Cesar Garcia-Diaz The ecology of entrepreneurship and market structure.
21/04/2010 Z.006 Ellen Loots Artistic production: in search of research perspective.
04/05/2010 Z.006 Jacqueline Brassey Leadership Effectiveness in a Large Multinational Organisation.
18/05/2010 Z.006 Elise Meijer Interorganizational team effectiveness in R&D alliances.
15/06/2010 Z.006 Les Graham To be announced
06/10/2010 Z.006 Vasiliki Gargalianou T.b.a.
19/10/2010 Z.006 Matthijs De Zwaan T.b.a.
09/11/2010 Z.006 Gilmar Zambrana Political parties and resource partitioning theory.
24/11/2010 Z.006 Anil Divarci Ideological polarization and high school education in Turkey.
08/12/2010 Z.006 Dendi Ramdani What is the Impact of Separation of Ownership and Control on Bribery Incidence.
??/12/2010 Z.006 Sytse Duiverman The tragedy of common reputation.