3Bs 2012

All sessions are planned from 12.00 to 13.00 in room Z.006 at Kipdorp 61 (Z-building of Stadscampus) or in De Meerminne.

Date Location Speaker Title
13/02/2012 Z.006 Dendi Ramdani The occupational choice to become self-employed in Belgium: parental or educational influences, or what?
27/02/2012 Z.006 Ann Overbergh ICT, innovation and audiovisual production in Kenya: a more diverse offer for more people?
26/03/2012 Z.006 Kim De Meulenaere Antecedents and consequences of income diversity in organizations.
16/04/2012 Z.006 Sofie Rogiest Antecedents and consequences of commitment to change, organization and occupation.
07/05/2012 Z.006 Vasiliki Gargalianou Can personality explain women’s higher anxiety in foreign language contexts? Effects of biographical variables on foreign language anxiety.
21/05/2012 Z.006 Gilmar Zambrana Changing dimensionality in the political issue space: Effects on political party competition. 
04/06/2012 Z.006 Ellen Loots Imposed Income Standards in the Performing and Visual Arts: Have central governments developed an adequate and effective instrument encouraging cultural entrepreneurship?
18/06/2012 Z.006 Olivier Van der Brempt Works council composition and firm performance: an empirical study.
02/07/2012 Z.006 Gilmar Zambrana T.b.a.