3Bs 2011

All sessions are planned from 12.00 to 13.00 in room Z.006 at Kipdorp 61 (Z-building of Stadscampus) or in De Meerminne.

Date Location Speaker Title
24/01/2011 Z.006 Diemo Urbig Entrepreneurship and general expectations of good luck and social support: A negative association? Linking personality to occupational choice.
07/02/2011 Z.006 Tine Buyl The dynamics of TMT exploratory and exploitative attention focus: The impact of TMT functional background diversity.
07/03/2011 Z.006 Ad van den Oord A Theory of Socio-Logical Types: Towards an Integral Framework of Organizational Change.
11/04/2011 Z.006 Olivier Van der Brempt Towards effective work councils: A theoretical framework and case study.
26/04/2011 Z.006 Cesar Garcia-Diaz Dimensionality collapse in political spaces: Effects on political competition.
09/05/2011 Z.006 Ellen Loots Determinants of success and failure of artists, developing a model.
23/05/2011 C.205 Frans Stel Improving the performance of co-innovation alliances, cooperating effectively with new business partners.
31/05/2011 C.205 Ann Overbergh  T.b.a.
06/06/2011 D.424 Gilmar Zambrana Entry barriers in the political systems and effects on political competition and government performance.
20/06/2011 C.205 Sofie Rogiest The impact of shared leadership on succesful change management projects.
26/09/2011 Z.006 Thu Trang Doan Organizational learning through portfolio restructuring events.
10/10/2011 Z.006 Vasiliki Gargalianou European tour: language and cooperating behaviour.
31/10/2011 Z.006 Anil Divarci The impact of globalization on the high school system in a context of strong religious polarization.
14/11/2011 Z.006 Olivier Van der Brempt How works council’s composition may affect the economic and social performance of the firm through trust and cooperation.
12/12/2011 Z.006 Gilmar Zambrana T.b.a.
19/12/2011 Z.006 Ellen Loots Networks in art.