W.I.P. 2013

All sessions are planned from 12.00 to 13.00 in room Z.006 at Kipdorp 61 (Z-building of citycampus)

Date Location Speaker Title
14/01/2013 Z.006 Trang Doan How do firms learn from divestitures to make acquisitions?
21/01/2013 Z.006 Olivier Van der Brempt Some preliminary ideas on power differences in works councils. 
28/01/2013 M.103  Vasiliki Gargalianou Culture-independent language effects on cooperative behavior. 
04/03/2013 Z.006 Tine Buyl Executives' social background, espoused and enacted organizational justice values, and organizational outcomes. 
18/03/2013 Z.006 Kim de Meulenaere Age-related differences.  Differences in knowledge and cognitive abilities. 
15/04/2013 Z.006 Sofie Rogiest Change leadership: an empirical study of the impact of the interplay between leaders' practices and followers' leadership paradigms on commitment to change
29/04/2013 Z.006 Dendi Ramdani Entrepreneur/Manager's Personality Traits and Strategy, and their Interplays in Determining Organizational Performance.
13/05/2013 Z.006 Ellen Loots Who tells fortunes to nonprofit professional theatre producers?  State intervention and its strings attached.          
10/06/2013 Z.006 Olivier Van der Brempt The power of the powerless?  The case of Belgian work councils.                                                                                                                     
19/09/2013 Z.006 Vasiliki Gargalianou Business English and Organizational Behavior: An Experimental Study                                                                                               
30/09/2013 Z.006 Kim De Meulenaere Age diversity in organizations: When does it matter and what can we do?  The role of context and HRM in managing age diversity.  
14/10/2013 Z.006 Sofie Rogiest Organizational commitment in the face of organizational change: an empirical study of the impact of age, change consequences and change commitment.
04/11/2013 Z.006 Tine Buyl Exploring the antecedents of bank executives’ cognitive orientation and banks’ risk profiles.  
18/11/2013 Z.006 Dendi Ramdani A research proposal to the moral hazard in the financial crisis period.
02/12/2013 Z.006 Ellen Loots cancelled
16/12/2013 Z.006 Trang Doan Research on organizational learning.
13/01/2014 Z.006 Tatiana Zabara Theoretical framework.
27/01/2014 Z.006 Panagiotis Chasapopoulos t.b.a.