W.I.P. 2015

All sessions are (mostly) planned from 12.00 to 13.00 in room Z.006 at Kipdorp 61 (Z-building of citycampus),and from December or January 2016 in room Z.401.

Date Location Speaker Discussant Title
12/01/2015 Z.006 Nino van de Wal Loren Pauwels Creation of technological breakthroughs
26/01/2015 M.107, 11.00 h. Miha Sajko Doan Thu Trang CEO ideological imprints and CSR in the wake of the neoliberal turn.
16/02/2015 Z.006 Mariano Mastriogiorgio Tine Buyl Exaptive Factor Markets and the Origins of Heterogeneity.
09/03/2015 M.101 Özge Can Miha Sajko Political construction of markets: Firms embedded in a multilayered landscape of collective action.
17/03/2015 Z.006 Tine Buyl Mariano Mastriogiorgio CEO narcissism, external conditions, and reactions to performance feedback: a study in the U.S. commercial banking industry, 2006-2011.
30/03/2015 Z.006 Kim De Meulenaere Nino van de Wal Should firms pay for seniority or for performance? Contingencies in the effects of seniority- and performance-based pay on workforce performance.
13/04/2015 Z.006 Loren Pauwels Özge Can The interactive effects of power, SVO and eye cues on prosocial behavior in the sequential prisoner’s dilemma.
27/04/2015 M.102 Bruno Lambert Kim De Meulenaere The neural foundation of learning to cooperate reflects an individual's social value orientation.   
18/05/2015 Z.006 Jorge Villagrasa Guarch  Tatiana Zabara Satisfaction with performance.  How do managerial perceptions influence strategic intention to change.
01/06/2015 M.103 Tatiana Zabara Bruno Lambert t.b.a.
15/06/2015 M.105 Panos Chasapopoulos Loren Pauwels The impact of cultural diversity on the economic performance of European regions: The role of generalized trust.
03/11/2015 Z.006 Nino van de Wal Miha Sajko Why companies are (still) not able to develop radical innovations.
10/11/2015 C.205 Bruno Lambert Loren Pauwels Oxytocin and social information in coordination versus competition games.
17/11/2015 Z.401: 16.00 h Christophe Boone, Carolyn Declerck all Leader-follower identity.
24/11/2015 Z.401 Kim De Meulenaere Nino van de Wal Income dispersion and turnover.
15/12/2015 Z.401 Miha Sajko Danica Bauer Bound by the past: The interactive influence of CEO formative experiences and institutional demands on corporate social responsibility.