WIP 2014

All sessions are planned from 12.00 to 13.00 h.

Date Location Speaker   Discussant Title
15/12/14 Z.006 Adnan Afzal Mariano Mastrogiorgio t.b.a.
08/12/14 Z.006 Tatiana Zabara Kim De Meulenaere Evolution of entrepreneurial teams: Exploration of team dynamics and knowledge diversification in university-based spin-offs.
17/11/14 M.102 Panagiotis Chasapopoulos Adnan Afzal Cultural diversity and economic performance: the role of generalized trust.
03/11/14 Z.006 Bruno Lambert Tine Buyl t.b.a.
27/10/14 Z.006 Mariano Mastriogiorgio Bruno Lambert Technology as a complex exaptive system: evidence from patent data.
20/10/14 Z.006 Trang Doan Tatiana Zabara Determinants of the completion of mergers and acquisitions – The role of timing and learning strategies.
06/10/14 Z.006 Loren Pauwels Panos Chasapopoulos Shortcuts to cooperation: The combined effects of power, social values and social cues in a sequential prisoner's dilemma.
08/09/14 M.102 Kim De Meulenaere Dendi Ramdani The impact of seniority pay on firm performance: The moderating role of promotion opportunities and performance pay. 
23/06/14 Z.006 Panos Chasapopoulos KIm De Meulenaere Research model and measurement tools.
16/06/14 Z.006 Tatiana Zabara Vasiliki Gargalianou Effects of human capital on innovation of new technology-based ventures.
26/05/14 Z.006 Bruno Lambert Olivier Van der Brempt How do firms learn to complete acquisitions?
19/05/14 Z.006 Trang Doan Ellen Loots The influence of the timing of an acquisition attempt in a wave on knowledge transfer from prior acquisitions and divestitures.
05/05/14 M.102 Sofie Panos Leadership in police organizations. A study of organizational change.
14/04/14 Z.006 Loren Pauwels Tatiana Zabara Power, social values and their role in directing ‘the orchestra of heuristics’ in social dilemmas.
24/03/14 Z.006 Kim De Meulenaere Trang Doan Seniority–based pay: Blessing or Curse?
10/03/14 Z.006 Vasiliki Gargalianou Dendi Ramdani The role of language in business.
24/02/14 Z.006 Olivier Van der Brempt Sofie Rogiest Opening the black box of works council effectiveness: the role of group composition, trust and perceived influence.
10/02/14 Z.006 Ellen Loots Tine Buyl who tells fortune to artistst?  The evaluation process of theatre producers as an instance where different institutional logics meet.