Adrem Data Lab


The Adrem Data Lab consists of four faculty members, 7 postdoctoral researchers and 21 doctoral students. 

The lab builds on a long standing and internationally strong reputation ranging from the theoretical foundations to the practical application of data sciences. The nexus between theory and applications positions the lab in a unique way. From its embedding in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science, the lab covers many important facets required to manage, query, interpret and analyze data, in all its forms. This results in a broad and recognised excellence in areas ranging from data management, data cleaning, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

In line with this excellence, Adrem has also founded biomina, the biomedical informatics network Antwerpen, a University and Hospital consortium uniting over 40 data and life scientists to foster the translation of data science approaches for big data-driven life science problems, which led to a successful new research line within Adrem dedicated to life science data mining.

Its particularly striking ability to contribute in diverse data-driven areas both from a foundational and practical point of view, has yielded the Adrem team numerous collaborations with other scientists, industry and data end-users. This is reflected in a diverse projects and a productive scientific track record impacting multiple disciplines.


Adrem Data Lab
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