Research topics

Our goal is the continuation of our high standard of fundamental research and to stay at the forefront of our respective areas of expertise. Concretely, we aim at making fundamental contributions leading to a deeper theoretical understanding of problems related to:

  • Algorithmic fairness, accountability, provenance and transparency
  • The dynamics of interaction networks
  • Data management aspects of machine learning methods and the scalability of data analytic queries
  • Development and application of AI methods for data cleaning
  • The foundations of recommendation systems and their evaluation
  • Interactive pattern exploration and application
  • Domain expert-driven feature engineering
  • AI driven decision support systems

We also translate fundamental research to practical solutions that take into account the peculiar challenges of specific application domains. We aim to strengthen biomina to become a recognised biomedical data science excellence center that impacts research on bioanalytical data interpretation and enables digital decision support for personalized precision medicine. We will further reach out to new scientific data driven disciplines, to initiate new collaborations, and to explore valorization opportunities.

We also aim at expanding our expertise in AI-related research. Our lab is in charge of all AI courses in the department and we are thus perfectly placed to be also on the forefront of this data-driven research area.

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